“Easy to work with and very professional. Willing to adapt to the situations” (Legal Video Production)

Brit H.

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“J R with JR Audio & Video Services worked with me on two projects during 2015.
The first project was to take a DVD that was transferred from a VHS and previously to that it was on reel to reel film. This DVD footage was taken by my Dad during the middle 1940’s, through the 1950’s ending up in the early 1960’s. The footage contained family gatherings, traveling adventures consisting of Old Faithful, Yellowstone, Reno, Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, Chicago, and our “Homestead” in Portland, Oregon.
My goal was to be able to document dates, places, and people in the film as best I could from memory and clues of signs that Dad had taken filming. You can image dealing with that old of film, there were several areas of footage that were not good. JR was able to put “time increments “ at the bottom of the film so as I was reviewing the film I could tell him where to stop and where to start again. I would determine what needed to be eliminated.
I prepared an excel sheet that would consist of a starting time points & stopping time, with a description of “where, who & what”, plus a recommendation of music for each section. JR was then able to type in the descriptions and put music to the footage appropriately.
My Dad owned the “Baseball Inn” restaurant located on 24th & Vaughn and across the street from the old baseball stadium. There was some footage of his restaurant and the front of the baseball stadium. I found a large picture of the whole baseball stadium and JR worked with me in implementing the picture into the DVD.
We would go back and forth with corrections & deletions and he was able to reach my other goal of having it completed by the middle of June. I wanted to be able to give this family DVD to my sister for her birthday on June 16.
It was wonderful to get this family filming documented and completed. It was so nostalgic for me to see my family in younger years, the cars of the era and clothing styles.
The second project was to make up a DVD to show at our 50th Wedding Anniversary party on 8/23/15. I had no idea how many pictures to compile for this project. JR was able to give me guidelines and suggestions. He advised that 65 pictures (use 8 x 10 as a guide line) would represent about 15 minutes of footage and for our planned gathering that would be an appropriate amount of time.
I started pulling pictures starting with our wedding invitation and wedding pictures of 8/28/1965. Then I realized that I would want to incorporate our video taken from our 25th Wedding Anniversary party. Here again, he took the footage and put time increments at the bottom of the film so I was able to advise him where to stop & start. We wanted to just put in a segment from our 25th Wedding Anniversary and it ended up to be 7 minutes.
JR advised to number the pictures. I prepared an excel sheet to organize and describe the dates, description & music preference. I gave him a scheduled goal to have the completed project done a week before our celebration. We went back and forth editing and making some corrections. He accomplished my goal.
I also asked JR to record a segment of our 50th Wedding Anniversary party and to take some family pictures. JR is very patient, understanding, cooperative and professional and a “joy” to work with.”

Susan H.

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“We had 2 audio cassette tapes from 1977 that was my father’s memorial and a small recording machine tape from 1971 that we were not sure if it could be transferred. JR did an incredible job. The voices and the sound were incredible.I needed the one from 1971 for my brother who is dying of cancer and just wanted to hear my father’s voice. The job was done perfectly and on a timely basis. ( Not to be ignored; Jared is a really nice guy. I would never use anyone else. ”

Linda H.

He did a very good job, completed the work on time, and is a super nice guy

Gayle G. (Link to review: http://www.amazon.com/product-reviews/B00MTX7F9K/ref=acr_amznlocal_text?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1)

“They converted 1975 8-track to cd for me of family singing. It recorded beautifully and is great to hear voices again. They were very flexible in how to receive materials. I received back in a couple of weeks within quoted time. It was very reasonable fee. Highly recommend. Excellent quality and he pointed out things to note in the recording. Very responsible service. Very friendly. Quick response.”

Teresa R.

“JR Audio & Video Services has provided excellent service in transferring my personal 8 mm, and supper 8 mm film, which was over 50 years old, to VHS and DVD. The video quality is excellent. This company has also re-recorded to CD’s my LP’s, small 3 inch family tape reels, and professional 7 inch music reels. All of this material was originally recorded over 40 years ago, and with the high quality studio equipment used Jared Reck my new CD’s are outstanding. I have utilized this Company for over a ten year period and have always found the work to be of the highest quality.

When I am ready to transfer my current DVD’s and CD’s to an advanced presentation medium JR Audio & Video Services will be my first choice.”

Steve W.


“Jared has done audio/video work for me a number of times in the past couple of years. He is amazing!! His work is highly professional and of excellent quality and he works on a project quickly. He has created beautiful dvds for me that will be preserving one of a kind family photos. I highly recommend Jared and JR Audio and Video Services!!”

Pam C.


“Jared was our videographer for our 50th wedding anniversary. He captured all we wanted and did it in a very unobtrusive way. We were very pleased. We would rate him outstanding”

Jim Mary M.


We used the services of JR Audio and found them to be reliable, courteous and prompt. I would use them again and refer them to others.

Aarp O.

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