Film Transfers

8mm & Super 8 Large reels 8mm & Super 8 has smaller sprocket holesBluray

Regular 8, Super 8 & 16mm Film (Silent & Sound)

Home Movies Intro PictureHaving the experience and understanding the value of Home Movies is our first thought. We know how brittle film can be, and that it requires old fashioned “TLC.” Since we transfer thousands of feet of film each month, we understand how and what to do with the film, even in its worst condition.

Our experience in the transfer industry with film is both unique and unsurpassed. We complete a full cleaning of each reel prior to transfer in order to remove as much dust, dirt and hair as possible. Other facilities offer this service in post production after the transfer or claim they have special means of cleaning the film. We have found that starting with the best possible product prior to transfer enhances the overall quality of the final product and relying on post production  should only be an additional way of assisting with the restoration process.

We do additional color enhancements in post production as well as attempt to remove vertical lines in the film as needed. Blank spots of the film are removed in post production at no extra charge.

Each DVD comes with a computer aided smart chapter selection method that allows for markers to be placed when major scene changes occur.

We also offer both 8mm and 16mm Film Transfers in full High Definition on either a computer based file like an MP4, or on Bluray.